You are currently viewing SOS Gamification: there are so many tools for gamification, but how to use them?

SOS Gamification: there are so many tools for gamification, but how to use them?

As we have seen with our Technical Toolbox, many tools can be used to incorporate gamification elements into lessons and create gamified activities.

First of all, to choose the right tool, you need to have clear in mind the learning objective you want to achieve and only then decide what type of activity to realise: from quizzes to escape games, from interactive videos to flashcards, etc.

However, often the wide range of available tools and the lack of confidence in our digital skills can discourage using these tools, which are useful for increasing students’ engagement, motivation and fun, and for improving their learning skills and classroom dynamics.

Source: Katerina Holmes, Pixels

But you don’t have to be a computer or IT genius: with a little help (ours!) and a little practice, these digital platforms will have no more secrets.

So, where to start?

One of our project aims is to provide resources that can help all teachers approach gamification, even for the first time, with practical and easily replicable examples.

This is why, together with the eLearning course explaining in a simple way what gamification is and how to realise gamified lessons step by step, and the Pedagogical Sequences (examples of gamified lessons that use the tools of the Technical Toolbox), we are also working on Explanatory Tool Sheets.

The Explanatory Tool Sheets explain in detail the steps of how to use the tools you find in the pedagogical sequences and recreate the gamification element considered. Each step is accompanied by images that make the whole process more immediate and at the end you can see the final project created.

From how to log in to how to choose and modify the chosen template etc., the explanatory tool sheets are designed to guide the user through discovering the tool and provide all the necessary information clearly and simply.

Source: steveriot1, Pixabay

Teachers will thus have access to ready-to-use materials and technical explanations to integrate gamification into teaching and discover how to easily create quizzes, flashcards, escape games, interactive pictures and much more!