The project will produce results translated into the 6 languages of the partners (EN, GR, RO, FR, IT and PL).

GOAL: to support secondary school teachers and students through the acquisition and mastery of new innovative tools and pedagogical methods for implement gamification practices in digital learning.

R1: Compendium of methods for gamification in digital learning

It provides information about the development and status of gamification in digital education. The goal is to investigate how the various theories in literature are reflected in the practice and in digital education and learning condition, identify gaps, and provide an overview of the current state of the art and recommendations for improvements.

R2: Technical Toolbox

It gathers and presents a selection of 40 currently available online resources, tools, and software to be used for gamification in digital learning. The selection of these tools is based on teacher’s recommendation but also with a priority on inclusiveness and accessibility.

R3: eLearning module

A free online course for teachers, trainers and educators, in particular of secondary school.
It aims to enhance their understanding and confidence on using gamification in digital learning, in a simple and practical way.

R4: Pedagogical sequences

Examples of 15 lesson plans that are using gamification elements for digital learning. These  describe the pedagogical implementation and application of the tools and resources used for gamification in digital learning, as examples of cases for different age levels.

R5: Explanatory tools sheets

The explanatory tools sheets give the detailed process and steps the teacher should follow regarding the application of tools for gamification on each sequence produced in R4.