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Gamification of Digital Learning -Technical Toolbox for Teachers

Gamification of Digital Learning” is a cooperation partnership in school education that will be implemented over the span of two years by a consortium of five experienced organisations. One of the main goals of the project is to increase teachers’ digital skills and awareness of digital resources for gamification and to provide guidance and examples so that teachers and educators become confident and able to use gamified lessons.

As such, the project intends to produce and present a technical toolbox as part of the overall results of the project.

Led by Euphoria Net, and with the support of all partners of the project, the technical toolbox (R2) will gather and present a selection of 40 currently available online resources, tools, and software to be used for gamification in digital learning. The selection of these tools will be based on teacher’s recommendation but also with a priority on inclusiveness and accessibility. The toolbox will present these resources as “digital cards” or “fiches” of maximum 2 pages each, that are meant to be easily shareable with different audiences as opposed to lengthier analysis report of all the experience of the partners. In this way, the toolbox will have a practical and user-friendly format, which teachers and educators can easily access and consult, as well as being able to get informed and inspired by using them to gamify their teaching practices.

 Each “fiche” will include:

  • A description of the tool/software/online resource: text and visual
  • Age level and subject appropriate/ most preferred.
  • “Pros and cons” to give the summary of the benefits and the limitations.
  • Teachers’ recommendation rate (score).
  • A review and evaluation (score) in terms of accessibility.
  • Practical advice for an inclusive educational use of the tool/software/online resource.

The technical toolbox is intended to be a valuable resource in the hands of teachers and educators and will provide significant support in their efforts to create an engaging lesson plan which will be accessible to all students and will increase their interest and overall participation in the classroom.

The technical toolbox will be translated into the national language of each partner (EN, GR, RO, FR, IT and PL) to ensure the widest possible use at local, regional and national level.