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Compendium of Methods for Gamification in Digital Learning

The “Gamification of Digital Learning” project aims to develop and promote the necessary competences for secondary school teachers and educators in the use of gamification for an engaging, inclusive and high-quality digital teaching and learning. In particular, the objectives of the project are:

  • To increase teachers’ digital skills and awareness of digital resources for gamification, such as tools, applications and platforms;
  • To provide guidance and examples to make the teachers and educators confident and able to use gamified lessons;
  • To foster students’ engagement and participation in online (synchronous and asynchronous) learning;
  • To ensure a high quality and inclusive education for students in digital learning context.

The first output of the project is a Compendium of Methods for Gamification in Digital Learning (R1) which provides information about the development and status of gamification in digital education. The compendium is created by partners based on a revision of the latest international literature on the state of the art of gamification in digital learning, as well as by conducting research in partner countries through interviews with experts. It includes a theoretical section with the literature review about the methods and strategies to use gamification for digital learning; and a second section about the expertise of teachers, educators, specialists on the same topic of gamification, which have been collected through local level interviews for each partner. There are numerous theories and methodologies existing on the topic of gamification in learning, yet in today’s digital learning reality, the practical application of those theories is challenging. Therefore, the collection and review of the various studies and theories that are present in international literature represents useful research that can help identify the gaps and prospective solutions to tackle those.

This product gives teachers the opportunity to improve their skills in using gamified lessons, especially in classrooms with students with special needs.

“Mihai Bacescu” Technical College from Romania leads the work on the structure of the compendium, in collaboration with the project coordinator and all partners. After an extensive debate to find the best and the most useful version, we decided on the final structure of the Compendium.

The material contains practical examples of online tools/resources and platforms to meet the online learning needs of learners and enhance learning activity (synchronous or asynchronous). By using gamification tools, students will be more motivated in their learning, the lessons will be more engaging.

The Compendium will be accompanied by a Guide to help teachers use the selected tools with their students.

This result will raise awareness among the target groups about the specific needs that should be taken into consideration when implementing inclusive gamified practices for learning.

The Compendium is translated into the national language of each partner (EN, GR, RO, FR, IT and PL) to ensure the widest possible use at local, regional and national level.