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The progress students make in their learning thanks to gamification

Nowadays, but especially in the future, technology is and will be indispensable for learning. To get better student results, today’s educators are increasingly using various digital tools and strategies in their teaching methods.

Gamification for education is a strategy increasingly used by teachers worldwide. The use of gamification tools can positively impact motivating students, developing collaboration and creativity, thus enabling them to learn more effectively. There are multiple gamification techniques that can be incorporated into learning methods. Using different platforms or apps for interactive learning using gamification is a great way to keep students engaged. Teachers can engage students using tablets, smartphones, interactive boards and more, allowing them to access their learning resources anytime and anywhere.

Using technology in this way helps increase students’ engagement and motivation, both essential for supporting effective learning. Our project offers a wide range of platforms that can be inserted into lessons and used successfully by students. You can find out about them in the resources section.

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Choosing one of the platforms that can gamify your lessons creates the possibility to shape your teaching strategy, depending on the level and needs of your students. In this way, tasks can be differentiated using: narrative style, immediate feedback, engaging/fun style, creative style/ students build their own content, and progress indicators (e.g. points, badges, rankings). Thus, gamification for learning is not just for entertainment.  It can be applied to teach new techniques to encourage learners to explore new ways of doing things.

In conclusion, gamification is a great way to help individual students in their learning process and motivate them to perform better. In this way, teachers can incorporate gamification into various learning activities, encouraging and actively involving students in their learning, with increasingly better results.


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